Chloe Kwok is a composer & sound designer from London and is currently based in Huddersfield. She has a strong focus on Orchestral, Electronic and Popular music; scoring for several projects ranging from Game, Film and Theatre.

Chloe has provided numerous original music for short-films such as, Where We Left Things Unsaid’ (2016), ‘Everywhere I Go’ (2017) and 'Just a Nice Girl' (2017).

Previously, the In-house composer for Yokohama Theatre Group (Japan). Scoring for a show based in a post-apocalyptic world, 'The Outliers' (2017) and the medieval story of Margaret of Anjou told from a modern girl's point of view, 'She-Wolf' (2017).

Her original soundtrack for ‘Hotel’ (2018), which premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - achieved an official 5-star rating from critics, who described the soundtrack as ‘‘a haunting original soundtrack that adds to the tension and surrealism of the piece”.

Alongside composition, Chloe has created sound design for MKTG and Coca-Cola. Other sound design credits include indie games such as ‘Directionality’ (2019), which is available to play for free on Steam.

Having ventured into developing her own game, ‘IN:Between’ (2019), Chloe will be joining the ranks of Rare Ltd, as a Sound Design Intern - to work on Triple AAA games such as ‘Sea of Thieves’ (2018); straight after graduating from University of Huddersfield with a First Class Honours degree in BA(Hons) Music and Sound for Image.

Currently, Chloe is scoring for an upcoming theatre show for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019, ‘Atlantis’ (2019).

Photo by Robert McCluskey

Photo by Robert McCluskey