Chloe Kwok is a composer & sound designer based in London and Huddersfield, with a focus on Orchestral, Electronic and Popular music; scoring for several projects ranging from animations, short films and theatre shows.

In collaboration with other creatives, Chloe has provided numerous original music for short-films such as, ‘Where We Left Things Unsaid’ (2016), ‘Everywhere I Go’ (2017) and 'Just a Nice Girl' (2017).

For the second half of 2017, Chloe ventured out into Yokohama, Japan to become the In-house composer for Yokohama Theatre Group. Scoring for a show based in a post-apocalyptic world, 'The Outliers' (2017) and the medieval story of Margaret of Anjou told from a modern girl's point of view, 'She-Wolf' (2017). Her latest original soundtrack was scored for ‘Hotel’ (2018), which premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival - achieving an official 5-star rating from Critics.

Chloe has also sound-designed and composed for small, indie games such as ‘Directionality’ (2019), which is available to play for free.

Currently, Chloe is venturing into developing her own game, ‘IN:Between’ and scoring for an upcoming show for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019.


All Edinburgh Theatre - Hotel, 2018

‘A haunting original soundtrack that adds to the tension and surrealism of the piece’

- Joe Lawrence (Hotel, 2018 review)